#22 – Philip Jamieson (Caspian)

You’ve all heard me talk a lot about what is called “post-rock” and have been hearing an artist named Nic Bommarito’s music in the outros in a lot of the interviews, but today I have a founding member of one of my favorite bands of this genre, Philip Jamieson!  

I was pleasantly surprised as to how easy it was to talk to Phil.  I was worried that I would just fanboy out with him and get nervous, but it really just ended up being a conversation between two people that love this style of music.  We reflected on growing up in the Christian faith, how departures from this have shaped our experience, introductions into the world of this rather nebulous blanket genre of instrumentally driven rock.  

Songs featured in this episode:

Moksha from Caspian’s sophmore release, and first studio album, The Four Trees

The Raven, from the album Tertia, dropped two years following The Four Trees

Echo and Abyss of the band’s most recent 2015 release, Dusk and Disquiet

You can find Caspian’s music here

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#21 – Ruthless Ruth

I’m joined today by Ruth Lapointe, otherwise known by her stage moniker “Ruthless Ruth”.  We reminisce about coming of age in the rural Midwest communities of North Iowa, which as you may have learned by now, is fertile ground for discussion with yours truly, being as we come from the same general area.  Ruth really is a talented musician with a downright angelic voice and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

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#20 – Dan Smotz (The Dawn Retreat/Goulash Media)

Any former emo/scene/hardcore folks out there?  Well Dan Smotz and I are from these sort of circles of musicians in the Midwest making loud, angry sounding music often with a message of empowerment and I hope you can relate to us on some of these subjects.  We get into Dan’s and my own thoughts on “Christian” music and how his faith has evolved over the years, thoughts on growing up in fundamentalist households and where our experiences overlap in that department.

As far as his solo stuff under the intuitive moniker, Smotz, Dan takes us through a genre bending experience where roots in the aforementioned musical stylings which Dan is familiar with such projects like his full band, The Dawn Retreat, while also heavily geared toward using rap as a lyrical force, sprinkled with a toe tapping jazzy riff here and there such as in “Nicotine” (which is featured on this episode).  It really is a unique listening experience.  He also has a band called The Dawn Retreat

Dan is a super busy guy, being a media producer by day.  If you need multimedia work done of all sorts, audio, video, graphic, et al, get ahold of him at goulashmedia.net.  He also has a podcast called “The System is Down” which you can find anywhere you find podcasts by typing those words into a search bar, also the same for the show’s facebook page.  His podcast is on this general concept of things which make people a bit uncomfortable with topics so far centering around religion, mysticism, and conspiracies.  In fact, I was a guest on his show which you can find at tsidpod.com

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#19 – Philip Westfall (Blood Brother)


Today we’re joined by Philip Westall, aka Blood Brother, a one man band.  This one would be especially interesting inside-baseball for other musicians out there, as Philip is somewhat of a gearhead and his instruments are customized.  His banjo is is somewhat of a mix of a banjo and a bass with a splash symbol mounted on it where he can strike it with his thumb.  His music is unique and quite relaxing, so please consider buying his album and keeping up with his show schedule at bloodbrothermusic.com

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#18 – Andrew Spreck

Fans of country/blues rejoice, I have a Minnesota gem for you.  Andrew Spreck’s most recent album, Devotion, is aptly named as he has a genuine passion for playing music.  His lyrical style is candid and genuine, coupling with his prowess around a guitar makes for a relaxing listening experience.  Find more on Andrew at andrewspreck.com/

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#17 – Dylan Boyle (Electric Jury)

This episode is honestly exactly what I envisioned when I started this project.  A conversation between two people with a passion for music, a conversation you’d like to be a fly on the wall to listen to.  Dylan and I talk about the history of progressive rock, how it has informed modern music, including one of my personal favorites, post-rock.  We provide a bit of commentary on man’s relationship to this beautiful monster we’ve created with technology known as social media.  I say beautiful because we can not honestly throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.  After all, it has freed up the means to broadcast a message from someone like myself to bring you an hour to provide an ear for the well deserved artists like Dylan.  I don’t think I have to really explain why I simultaneously consider it a monster, we all are familiar with the problems of social media.  During this interview, Dylan and myself really threw a lot of band and artist’s names out there, so I threw together a list of all of the ones I was able to pluck from the audio:

Yngwie Malmsteen
Terry Riley
King Crimson
Gentle Giant
Porcupine Tree
John Cage
Le monte Young
Electric Wizard
Stoned Jesus
Dimmu Borgir
Elmore James
Bonnie Tyler (the album Natural Force)
And last, but not least, Dylan’s own Electric Jury and purchase their album The Lake on iTunes.

Places to find Dylan: Bandcamp for his solo work as well as dylanboyle.org

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#16 – Benjamin Kath (Ben Jammin’ K with Nice Guy Entertainment)

You know how there are those people in this world who just radiate that positive energy, like it’s just overflowing and they have more than enough to give without expecting anything back?  That’s the kind of person I have as a guest today, and I’m pleased to welcome Ben Kath on this edition of Subversion.  Not only is Ben himself such a positive person, but his music is without question a reflection of himself.  The beats are dope, the delivery is prime, it all just flows together perfectly.

Ben also recently launched is new project where he will be selling his services as a beat producer.  You can find information on that at benjamminbeats.com.  Support independent art!

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#15 – Eliott B

I’ve always had an affinity for lo-fi production.  The warm fuzz of a low quality mic is oddly calming to me, as it captures the visceral relationship between a growing artist and their instrument.  There’s this sort of trademark of the kind of music that Eliott shared with Subversion.  It really puts you right in the room with the artist, as opposed to the kind of audio production we generally consume which is, for lack of a better word, sterile and is missing a key element of placing oneself in the very moment in time it was captured through a medium of permanence.   It’s rather difficult for me to come up with the words to describe it, so for sake of brevity, Eliott’s music evokes a nostalgia in me which isn’t conjuring any specific memory of mine, it’s simply this fluttering in my core that reminds me of something familiar.

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#14 – Todd Partridge (King of the Tramps)

Allow me to pose a question for you:

How joyful do you think someone is who sings the blues?  Well, I can tell you with certainty that our guest, Todd Partridge, sings the blues yet emanates mirth and curiosity which is clearly borne out in his music.  Even though the genre in its purest form is outwardly woeful and bleak on the surface, evoking the deep and familiar emotion of despair we often run from.  However, Todd and King of the Tramps has managed to take the curious arrangements of these tones of which we are so familiar, having the ability to use their charm to transform them into something that skirts along the edge of blues, yet compels one feel a sense of inspiration.

You can find King of the Tramps at kingofthetramps.com

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#13 – Ty Davis (Nice Guy Entertainment and Bottle Kids)

Today’s guest is yet another Twin Cities artist from none other than Nice Guy Entertainment. We talk about the simpler times of being a kid, suburbia, depression, Poke-mon, death. You know, average every day small talk. But I have to say, you could throw some of Ty’s tracks on the radio and no doubt, people would ask “who’s this?” in the way one asks the question because it sounds like something they’re familiar with.

You can find more of Ty Davis at the tag realtylerdavis: Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram

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