The Inaugural Libertarian Union Meetup

I know that libertarians are an individualistic bunch and are anti-collectivist, but there’s something to be said about the usefulness of voluntary coalitions.  This week we bring you an in person conversation between Patrick MacFarlane of the Liberty Weekly podcast where his staple topic has been centered around aspects of law from the perspective of an anarchocapitalist.  We discuss tactics, pragmatism, conspiracies, net neutrality, the left-right dichotomy, culture, and among other tangential topics.  Subscribe to Pat’s show and follow his blog over at

Patrick and I crossed paths through both doing libertarian podcasts, having both become part of a podcast network called The Libertarian Union. Find more at

2017 in Retrospect

What begins as a retrospective look at the show over the past year, quickly turns into an episode devoted to yours truly’s pet issue, foreign policy.  I will provide some key pieces of information that has helped form my understanding of the geopolitical quagmire in the Middle East/North-East Africa region, with a lot of help from clips made my various other media outlets.

Who are the big players, why each faction leverages power against each other, and under which proxies.  These are the big questions we need to be asking ourselves, and there’s a lot to unravel.  Consider this setting a precedent for 2018’s trajectory as a show, where you can expect to see more of the curtain be pulled back, as we subvert the gatekeepers of narrative.

Talking “Dangerous History” with Prof CJ of The Dangerous History Podcast

You’ve been cautioned by the title of this episode.  Just as it says, contained within the next hour and a half of audio is a discussion on the subject of history from a perspective you may not have previously been able to see given the information provided at the time.

In this rather conversational interview, listen as CJ and Trey stumble upon subjects such as Ronald Reagan, George Bush, war and peace, draining the Florida Everglades, and much more.

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Waters of Destiny

Prof CJ’s series on “Draining the Swamp”, a chronicling of the geoengineering project of irrigation networks in the Florida Everglades: Rise of Cane Kingdom Part 1 and Part 2

Nancy and Ronald Reagan statement on the War on Drugs

George Bush, Axis of Evil Speech

This is your security force

It was announced this morning that Ex-Mesa, AZ police officer Philip Brailsford was acquitted of second degree murder and reckless manslaughter.

This will come to no surprise to anyone familiar with criminal justice reform, being as the thin blue line of legal protection benefits the monopoly security forces throughout America.  Police are all but trained to shoot first and ask questions later, and there is no better case than the deadly encounter which ended the life of Daniel Shaver.  Warning, this video is very graphic, but is important to observe the near execution style tactic officer Brailsford coldly employed.  

Here are the facts.  Daniel Shaver (a pest control worker) was showing off his pellet gun in his hotel room, when some busybody saw the gun through a window.  These guests told the hotel management, who called police, then the video linked above ensued.  Panicking and obviously confused, Daniel frantically attempts to obey every single command the officer screams at him while a gun is pointed at him while begging for his life.  He is told to crawl with his left ankle wrapped around his right ankle.  Daniel is wearing what looks like ill fitting gym pants and pauses at one moment to pull up his pants (as a result of the commands officers were giving him), causing the officers to shoot him in response to him reaching for his waistband.

Nowhere in the video is it apparent that Mr Shaver was armed.  Nowhere in the video is it apparent that this person is criminally insane.  The video shows a scared young man who was gunned down in cold blood.  What is apparent to me is that we have a very real problem with police violence that people have put up with for far too long.

Please consider donating to Daniels Memorial Fund, to help Daniel’s family recover from this unjust killing.

Giving Thanks


As an expression of my gratitude to my listeners, I’m giving you a special bonus episode of Subversion this week.

I had on:

Patrick MacFarlane from over at Liberty Weekly podcast

Will Porter, contributor at and the

TJ Eckert, copy editor/writer with

Kyle Anzalone, from the podcast Foreign Policy Focus

And finally none other than Prof CJ from the Dangerous History podcast

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Rants, Rock & Roll, and Q&A

This episode contains a rant by yours truly, as well as a clarification as to the future of the content on this podcast.  The first half I take you on a path down questioning some of the worst things I’ve noticed as well as a story about a conversation I had with a drone pilot.  As the show has evolved since it’s advent, there have been a lot of sharp turns and 180’s but now it is safe to say that the intended goal will be to bridge the gap between libertarianism as a thought experiment read about by wishful people.  No, some people have to be out there engaging in entertainment to give some influence.  People like Doug Stanhope and Dave Smith are great examples of libertarians out there on stage asking the questions no one else will ask on the nightly news.

The music you hear for the first 20 minutes underneath the monologue is by Yndi Halda, from their album Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Problems with American law enforcement with former officer Raeford Davis

I had a chance to talk to Raeford Davis, former police officer with Charleston, South Carolina.  This was a unique encounter for me, being as most police officers I know do not share much in common from a basic philosophical view.  The opportunity to find a truly principled libertarian who has had experiences inside Leviathan is seeming to become more common.

Some places to find Raeford’s writing:

An interview in GQ

The mistitled article, Why I Hated Being a Cop in collaboration with Vice.

Raeford’s Twitter handle: @RaefordD

Following the tragic events in Sutherland Springs, Texas the Holcomb family lost 8 of their own.  Bryan, Karla, Marc, Noah, Emily, Megan, Greg, Crystal and her unborn child.  Please join me in donating to these people to help put their loved ones to rest, it’s the least we can do.

A War for Culture or Competing Cultures of Warfare? Pt. 2

Picking up where we left off in Part one of this episode, Jordan and I expose the blind spots on both of the polarizing factions surrounding the immigration debate.  We also further describe the machinations of this perceived culture war that we are witnessing.  This topic seems to have it’s roots entangled closely to the secession movements we’ve been witnessing worldwide, some would say in response to a rise in international hegemony.

This is a project I donated to this week.  Exercise your right to make things right with to donate to a someone in need.

The Iran Nuclear Deal with Will Porter

P5+1 is an agreement between Iran under duress of the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China.  Between rising tensions following decades of conflict with various Iranian regimes, hawks on both sides have turned what would be the most stringent restrictions on use of nuclear material, into something of a quagmire.

I’m joined by journalist Will Porter to discuss the history of Iranian and American relations, as well as their place in geopolitics in general.

The deal has four key provisions which act as the tightest safeguards on use of nuclear material in history.

1) no enrichment of U above 5% U-235, and all highly-enriched materials, some as high as 20% U-235, must be blended down to less than 5% or altered to a form not usable for weapons.

2) no additional centrifuges are to be installed or produced, and three-fourths of the centrifuges at Fordow and half of the centrifuges at Natanz will be inoperable,

3) stop all work on the heavy-water reactor at Arak, provide design details on the reactor (which could be used to produce Pu for the other type of atomic weapon) and do not develop the reprocessing facilities needed to separate  Pu from used fuel,

4) full access by IAEA inspectors to all nuclear facilities, including daily visitation to Natanz and Fordow, and continuous camera surveillance of key sites.


On October 13th, Trump addressed the strategy going forward with Iran, which includes refusing to certify the 2 year old agreement with Iran as a chest pounding show of force. He even went as far as to suggest that we’re on a slippery slope with Iran, because if we ignore them they’ll turn out like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea if let go rouge. But as Will and I detail, America is a bit of a paper tiger in this deal, being only one part of six major world powers overseeing Iran’s nuclear program.

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Media featured:

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s official statement on fatwas against the production of nuclear weapons

Holy Wars…The Punishment Due, from Megadeth’s 1990 album Rust in Peace

Eve of Destruction, covered by D.O.A.