#2 – JD Sidebottom (Formerly of “The Enigmaknots”)

Today, I introduce you to JD Sidebottom.  He’s a good friend of mine who was in a band called the Enigmaknots and is just a swell guy.  I had a lot of fun recording this interview with him, and I hope you do as well.

Where you can find JD: facebook Where you can keep up with the Enigmaknots: facebook and twitter

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#1 – BAARD

I would like to introduce you to BAARD. Without stealing too many of his own words, he is a St Paul native and a quite talented producer, if I do say so myself. I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with him about growing up, what informs his artistic inclinations, and what this whole life thing is all about. I can think of no better interviewee to launch my project, and I sure do hope you enjoy our conversation. Let me also mention that he has given this program it’s whimsical and brilliant theme music.  Big ups, Mike!

Where Can find BAARD?


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