#15 – Eliott B

I’ve always had an affinity for lo-fi production.  The warm fuzz of a low quality mic is oddly calming to me, as it captures the visceral relationship between a growing artist and their instrument.  There’s this sort of trademark of the kind of music that Eliott shared with Subversion.  It really puts you right in the room with the artist, as opposed to the kind of audio production we generally consume which is, for lack of a better word, sterile and is missing a key element of placing oneself in the very moment in time it was captured through a medium of permanence.   It’s rather difficult for me to come up with the words to describe it, so for sake of brevity, Eliott’s music evokes a nostalgia in me which isn’t conjuring any specific memory of mine, it’s simply this fluttering in my core that reminds me of something familiar.

This week’s charity project goes toward helping to build a water well for a village in Malawi.  “The well should last for 20 years which means providing clean water for a family for a year only costs $1.48.”

#14 – Todd Partridge (King of the Tramps)

Allow me to pose a question for you:

How joyful do you think someone is who sings the blues?  Well, I can tell you with certainty that our guest, Todd Partridge, sings the blues yet emanates mirth and curiosity which is clearly borne out in his music.  Even though the genre in its purest form is outwardly woeful and bleak on the surface, evoking the deep and familiar emotion of despair we often run from.  However, Todd and King of the Tramps has managed to take the curious arrangements of these tones of which we are so familiar, having the ability to use their charm to transform them into something that skirts along the edge of blues, yet compels one feel a sense of inspiration.

You can find King of the Tramps at kingofthetramps.com

This week’s charity project will be revisited from one a few episodes ago which hasn’t yet completed it’s funding goal.  It goes to fund a fence, which will soon house 100 orphans, but securing the perimeter is the first step.  I urge you to help me fund this project, at donorsee.com/project/595

#13 – Ty Davis (Nice Guy Entertainment and Bottle Kids)

Today’s guest is yet another Twin Cities artist from none other than Nice Guy Entertainment. We talk about the simpler times of being a kid, suburbia, depression, Poke-mon, death. You know, average every day small talk. But I have to say, you could throw some of Ty’s tracks on the radio and no doubt, people would ask “who’s this?” in the way one asks the question because it sounds like something they’re familiar with.

You can find more of Ty Davis at the tag realtylerdavis: Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram

This week’s charity project will go to Light for Orphans Ministry to give orphans, who are the lesser talked about victims of the AIDS epidemic in Uganda, shoes and school supplies. Find this project and more at donorsee.com/project/750

Bonus Episode – Founder and CEO of DonorSee, Gret Glyer

Entrepreneur and genuinely generous force in the world, Gret Glyer joins me to discuss his charity plat form, DonorSee.  If you’re a regular listener you’re no doubt familiar with this platform, which I can not talk up enough.  When I donate, I get constant updates from the aid workers who posted them, get videos and photos upon completion of the people who are helped by my donations thanking me for my generosity.

Gret talks about his experiences in Malawi which drove him to start DonorSee critiques of how charity is often managed, including one problem DonorSee has had with the Peace Corps.

I encourage you to download the DonorSee app, to make things easier for you when I tell you about charity projects on this show.    You can also visit DonorSee on PC at donorsee.com

You can find more of Gret on twitter, @gretglyer, and you should also check out his blog and sign up for his e-mail list at gretglyer.com to stay up to date with him.

#12 – Joe Scarpellino (Smokin’ Joe & Dead Larry)

Love, loss, music, and bliss.  I can think of no other words to better describe the interview I had with Joe Scarps, of a two bands quite close to my heart.  As you’ll hear in the interview, Joe is part of a small subculture I was deep into some years ago, so we have a sort of kinship from sharing in this community together, and I have many fond memories of going to their shows.

Dead Larry is putting on their own festival called the Galactic Get-Down, which you can find more information at facebook.com/GalacticGetDown and follow Dead Larry at facebook.com/deadlarry

This week’s charity project goes toward buying sewing machines for the Nakaseke Childrens Home from Uganda.  Read more about this project, donate, and receive updates on projects you give to by visiting donorsee.com/project/487