#21 – Ruthless Ruth

I’m joined today by Ruth Lapointe, otherwise known by her stage moniker “Ruthless Ruth”.  We reminisce about coming of age in the rural Midwest communities of North Iowa, which as you may have learned by now, is fertile ground for discussion with yours truly, being as we come from the same general area.  Ruth really is a talented musician with a downright angelic voice and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

This week’s charity project goes straight to repair a much needed road to an orphanage in Uganda, a landlocked country torn by a history of conflict, destabilizing their economy making it one of the most destitute countries on the globe.  Please consider donating, even the most meager donation can help bring this road up to a usable standard.  Find more information at donorsee.com/project/867 or download the DonorSee mobile app.

#20 – Dan Smotz (The Dawn Retreat/Goulash Media)

Any former emo/scene/hardcore folks out there?  Well Dan Smotz and I are from these sort of circles of musicians in the Midwest making loud, angry sounding music often with a message of empowerment and I hope you can relate to us on some of these subjects.  We get into Dan’s and my own thoughts on “Christian” music and how his faith has evolved over the years, thoughts on growing up in fundamentalist households and where our experiences overlap in that department.

As far as his solo stuff under the intuitive moniker, Smotz, Dan takes us through a genre bending experience where roots in the aforementioned musical stylings which Dan is familiar with such projects like his full band, The Dawn Retreat, while also heavily geared toward using rap as a lyrical force, sprinkled with a toe tapping jazzy riff here and there such as in “Nicotine” (which is featured on this episode).  It really is a unique listening experience.  He also has a band called The Dawn Retreat

Dan is a super busy guy, being a media producer by day.  If you need multimedia work done of all sorts, audio, video, graphic, et al, get ahold of him at goulashmedia.net.  He also has a podcast called “The System is Down” which you can find anywhere you find podcasts by typing those words into a search bar, also the same for the show’s facebook page.  His podcast is on this general concept of things which make people a bit uncomfortable with topics so far centering around religion, mysticism, and conspiracies.  In fact, I was a guest on his show which you can find at tsidpod.com

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