#17 – Dylan Boyle (Electric Jury)

This episode is honestly exactly what I envisioned when I started this project.  A conversation between two people with a passion for music, a conversation you’d like to be a fly on the wall to listen to.  Dylan and I talk about the history of progressive rock, how it has informed modern music, including one of my personal favorites, post-rock.  We provide a bit of commentary on man’s relationship to this beautiful monster we’ve created with technology known as social media.  I say beautiful because we can not honestly throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.  After all, it has freed up the means to broadcast a message from someone like myself to bring you an hour to provide an ear for the well deserved artists like Dylan.  I don’t think I have to really explain why I simultaneously consider it a monster, we all are familiar with the problems of social media.  During this interview, Dylan and myself really threw a lot of band and artist’s names out there, so I threw together a list of all of the ones I was able to pluck from the audio:

Yngwie Malmsteen
Terry Riley
King Crimson
Gentle Giant
Porcupine Tree
John Cage
Le monte Young
Electric Wizard
Stoned Jesus
Dimmu Borgir
Elmore James
Bonnie Tyler (the album Natural Force)
And last, but not least, Dylan’s own Electric Jury and purchase their album The Lake on iTunes.

Places to find Dylan: Bandcamp for his solo work as well as dylanboyle.org

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