#16 – Benjamin Kath (Ben Jammin’ K with Nice Guy Entertainment)

You know how there are those people in this world who just radiate that positive energy, like it’s just overflowing and they have more than enough to give without expecting anything back?  That’s the kind of person I have as a guest today, and I’m pleased to welcome Ben Kath on this edition of Subversion.  Not only is Ben himself such a positive person, but his music is without question a reflection of himself.  The beats are dope, the delivery is prime, it all just flows together perfectly.

Ben also recently launched is new project where he will be selling his services as a beat producer.  You can find information on that at benjamminbeats.com.  Support independent art!

Also please consider donating to this week’s charity project, which is being brought back out since it hasn’t been completely funded.  It goes toward supplying three sewing machines for struggling children in Uganda.  Find more info at donorsee.com/project/487, and also consider downloading the app for a more direct use of the DonorSee service.