The Iran Nuclear Deal with Will Porter

P5+1 is an agreement between Iran under duress of the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China.  Between rising tensions following decades of conflict with various Iranian regimes, hawks on both sides have turned what would be the most stringent restrictions on use of nuclear material, into something of a quagmire.

I’m joined by journalist Will Porter to discuss the history of Iranian and American relations, as well as their place in geopolitics in general.

The deal has four key provisions which act as the tightest safeguards on use of nuclear material in history.

1) no enrichment of U above 5% U-235, and all highly-enriched materials, some as high as 20% U-235, must be blended down to less than 5% or altered to a form not usable for weapons.

2) no additional centrifuges are to be installed or produced, and three-fourths of the centrifuges at Fordow and half of the centrifuges at Natanz will be inoperable,

3) stop all work on the heavy-water reactor at Arak, provide design details on the reactor (which could be used to produce Pu for the other type of atomic weapon) and do not develop the reprocessing facilities needed to separate  Pu from used fuel,

4) full access by IAEA inspectors to all nuclear facilities, including daily visitation to Natanz and Fordow, and continuous camera surveillance of key sites.


On October 13th, Trump addressed the strategy going forward with Iran, which includes refusing to certify the 2 year old agreement with Iran as a chest pounding show of force. He even went as far as to suggest that we’re on a slippery slope with Iran, because if we ignore them they’ll turn out like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea if let go rouge. But as Will and I detail, America is a bit of a paper tiger in this deal, being only one part of six major world powers overseeing Iran’s nuclear program.

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Media featured:

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s official statement on fatwas against the production of nuclear weapons

Holy Wars…The Punishment Due, from Megadeth’s 1990 album Rust in Peace

Eve of Destruction, covered by D.O.A. 

#25 – Shane Mauss

This episode really is what set a chain of events leading to a change in the show’s structure going forward.  This was the first episode we had recorded breaking out of the strictly musician only guest format.  Shane and I had some laughs, talked about the greater purpose of the psychedelic experience and the role that his evolution in comedy ultimately lead him to a podcast about evolutionary psychology and science.

Forbidden Notion #2 – A War for Culture or Competing Cultures of Warfare? Pt. 1

Those of us who have been peered into the right (or wrong) pockets of individuals on the internet, you’ll find all kind of terribly disturbing views.  Things we find atrocious.  Yet it seems like people put a microscope to certain events, inferring an immediate threat.   Even people predisposed to favoring sovereignty of a given person or group of people, sacrifice the greatest of minority of all, the individual in the pursuit of preserving it.

Today we explore this phenomenon of, wrought with many forms of false dichotomy and expectations of abandoning the most basic moral duty to do no harm.  The end result of which, if the revolutionaries get their way, is a top-down bloody revolution we have seem repeated in observable cycles throughout history.  To talk with me about this today, is Jordan Flati.

“Live for yourself,
There’s no one else
More worth living for
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
will only cry out for more
Anthem of the heart and anthem of the mind
A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind
We marvel after those who sought
New wonders in the world, wonders in the world,
Wonders in…”

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Subsonic # 24 – The Scouting Report

We begin today’s episode with a tip of the hat to Walter Becker, co-founder, and musician in Steely Dan before hearing from not one, but two members of “The Scouting Report“.  This band has a truly eclectic and unique sound, incorporating violin/fiddle in a masterful cohesion of genre bending qualities.

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Forbidden Notion #1 – The Blood, The Constable, and The Healer

I present to you, the first edition of the new segment, “Forbidden Notion”.  Today I lay out the general direction the show will be taking, lay the groundwork for what to expect, and talk a little bit about the ideas behind why we’re taking it in this direction.

We’ve probably all seen the video going around of the University of Utah Hospital’s nurse Alex Wubbles being arrested by Detective Jeff Payne of the SLCPD.  That’s what I’ll be introducing with this new segment with, and expect to see solo episodes like this, interviews with experts and people who know a hell of a lot more than me.

Thank’s for sticking around during this paradigm shift in the nature of the content of this show.  I know you’ll enjoy it.

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#23 – Scott McLain

I’m joined today by Scott McLain.  Like a lot of the artists you hear on this podcast, he represents the spirit of Americana as a blanket genre and has a lot of personal anecdotes to embellish his body of work.

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#22 – Philip Jamieson (Caspian)

You’ve all heard me talk a lot about what is called “post-rock” and have been hearing an artist named Nic Bommarito’s music in the outros in a lot of the interviews, but today I have a founding member of one of my favorite bands of this genre, Philip Jamieson!  

I was pleasantly surprised as to how easy it was to talk to Phil.  I was worried that I would just fanboy out with him and get nervous, but it really just ended up being a conversation between two people that love this style of music.  We reflected on growing up in the Christian faith, how departures from this have shaped our experience, introductions into the world of this rather nebulous blanket genre of instrumentally driven rock.  

Songs featured in this episode:

Moksha from Caspian’s sophmore release, and first studio album, The Four Trees

The Raven, from the album Tertia, dropped two years following The Four Trees

Echo and Abyss of the band’s most recent 2015 release, Dusk and Disquiet

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#21 – Ruthless Ruth

I’m joined today by Ruth Lapointe, otherwise known by her stage moniker “Ruthless Ruth”.  We reminisce about coming of age in the rural Midwest communities of North Iowa, which as you may have learned by now, is fertile ground for discussion with yours truly, being as we come from the same general area.  Ruth really is a talented musician with a downright angelic voice and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

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#20 – Dan Smotz (The Dawn Retreat/Goulash Media)

Any former emo/scene/hardcore folks out there?  Well Dan Smotz and I are from these sort of circles of musicians in the Midwest making loud, angry sounding music often with a message of empowerment and I hope you can relate to us on some of these subjects.  We get into Dan’s and my own thoughts on “Christian” music and how his faith has evolved over the years, thoughts on growing up in fundamentalist households and where our experiences overlap in that department.

As far as his solo stuff under the intuitive moniker, Smotz, Dan takes us through a genre bending experience where roots in the aforementioned musical stylings which Dan is familiar with such projects like his full band, The Dawn Retreat, while also heavily geared toward using rap as a lyrical force, sprinkled with a toe tapping jazzy riff here and there such as in “Nicotine” (which is featured on this episode).  It really is a unique listening experience.  He also has a band called The Dawn Retreat

Dan is a super busy guy, being a media producer by day.  If you need multimedia work done of all sorts, audio, video, graphic, et al, get ahold of him at  He also has a podcast called “The System is Down” which you can find anywhere you find podcasts by typing those words into a search bar, also the same for the show’s facebook page.  His podcast is on this general concept of things which make people a bit uncomfortable with topics so far centering around religion, mysticism, and conspiracies.  In fact, I was a guest on his show which you can find at

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