#3 – Marvin Werth

Give a warm “howdy” to Marvin Werth, a genuine story teller and guitarist from the Twin Cities Area. I found a lot of common ground with Marvin, as parts of his story seem so familiar, yet I am constantly surprised when doing these interviews the depth of experience any single person has and the wisdom that their tales impart. I sure do hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording this interview. As mentioned in the interview, Marvin has desires to work with musicians in the area and is working on new material to produce and preform. You can reach out to Marvin via e-mail: werth800@gmail.com

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#2 – JD Sidebottom (Formerly of “The Enigmaknots”)

Today, I introduce you to JD Sidebottom.  He’s a good friend of mine who was in a band called the Enigmaknots and is just a swell guy.  I had a lot of fun recording this interview with him, and I hope you do as well.

Where you can find JD: facebook Where you can keep up with the Enigmaknots: facebook and twitter

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#1 – BAARD

I would like to introduce you to BAARD. Without stealing too many of his own words, he is a St Paul native and a quite talented producer, if I do say so myself. I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with him about growing up, what informs his artistic inclinations, and what this whole life thing is all about. I can think of no better interviewee to launch my project, and I sure do hope you enjoy our conversation. Let me also mention that he has given this program it’s whimsical and brilliant theme music.  Big ups, Mike!

Where Can find BAARD?


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# 0 – The Mission Statement

Allow me to introduce you to Subversion, a project wherein we will experiment with a hybrid of broadcast formats.  First, the human interest.  I will chronicle the life and times of musical artists (and hopefully in the future creators of other artistic mediums) by getting a snapshot of their origins, talk about what got them into producing music and try to find out just what makes them tick. I’m very excited to be given the pleasure of being lent your ear, I promise you that I will not waste you time. Please head to iTunes and give us a 5 star review and subscribe on the podcast app of your choosing.  You can also follow me on facebook