# 10 – Robert Lindberg (Nutcracker Dungeonist)

What comes to mind when I say “DJ”? In the modern sense, you may expect to see a guy on stage in a club with a laptop and some equipment, dancing around and playing with knobs. Well what if I told you there were still analog producers out there who are manually making the music as it runs? To most of my audience who aren’t audiophiles, this may not make you particularly excited, but the use of analog equipment produces a much higher sound quality without the compressed digitally stored samples that are generally used in this format.

Today, I’ll let you get to know one of those people who produce such a thing as analog music. He goes by the stage name Nutcracker Dungeonist. As always on this show we come to find that my guests are so much more than musicians, but three dimensional human beings with much more behind them than their finished product that you end up hearing in the form of a couple minute songs/tracks. Robert is a truly unique individual and this interview was truly a lot of fun to sit down and record.

Here are the videos of Robert preforming his music: RUN546 LIVE and 8 mil sash

Here’s the video of the DJ Mr Tape that we talked about in the interview

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Outro music courtesy of Nic Bommarito. Here’s where you can find him.

#9 – Mark McGuiness (Dead Larry)

Have you ever heard of the hero’s journey?  It’s the plot archetype used in Star Wars, for example.  A person in a rather ordinary place, doing ordinary things.  When suddenly a call to adventure comes, be it out of necessity by being pushed into uncertainty caused by a tragic event or simply a longing for a break from the mundane.  This is truly a relevant archetype, because they are the stories which keep our attention and make us feel engaged.

Today’s hero is none other than the member of a band out of Minneapolis (formerly of Iowa City), Mark McGuiness shares the strife in his life, what events have unfolded before him to make him the man he is today which is one in the same with what informs the music he creates.

You can find more of Dead Larry at https://www.facebook.com/deadlarry/

The guys in Dead Larry are also putting on their own festival called the Galactic Get-Down, which you can find more information at https://www.facebook.com/GalacticGetDown/

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#8 – B Mc-C (Founder of Nice Guy Entertainment)

Hip-hop will be a recurring theme on this program.  Not only out of my own personal affinity for the genre, but by the very fact that this show is based out of the Twin Cities and our culture is very much driven by a specific kind of music subculture.  To this point about hip-hop, here will be no shortage of references to the late Prince on this program, who really did bring this amalgamation of pop and hip-hop into an easily digestible medium and is a rather iconic part of the Twin Cities in general.  For this very reason, the independent music in Minneapolis is strongly influenced and momentum sustained by rap.

What does this have to do with my guest today?  Well it just so happens that Brandon McCollum is one of those people pumping steam into the Twin Cities rap scene.  He founded and manages Nice Guy Entertainment, leading a truly brilliant bunch of artists in his collective.  Brandon is not simply doing all of the things behind the curtain, he is an artist himself and we unpack some of his own music in this episode, gaining insight into what drives him.

You can catch B Mc-C at his birthday party at the Pourhouse on April 21st right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis

I encourage you to follow Nice Guy Entertainment on Facebook and support your local musicians!

#7 – Louis Blackmore

Louis Blackmore.  It kind of sounds like a superhero alter ego, doesn’t it?  Well, if you get to know my pal Louie, you’ll find he really is a unique and superb individual.  In this interview, we talk about growing up in our stomping grounds of North Iowa and other details of Louie’s background, as well as his current endeavors in becoming a music therapist.  Louis is a former member of “The Enigmaknots”, but is always active in playing and producing music.

#5 – Dan Mark

In today’s episode, you will get to know a true modern day bard, Dan Mark. Dan is a very good friend of mine that I’ve known since we were just little boys. We have managed to come of age alongside one another, having seen and experienced so much bliss as well as strife together. I really do owe quite a bit of gratitude to Dan for inspiring me over the years, as he was one of the first people I started playing music with and I can’t think of anyone else in my life that has had a more consistent impact on my creative inclinations. In some ways, you could say that without my friendship with Dan, this program may very well not be happening.

Dan has his own web page up where you can purchase his book, “Mourning ’til Morning”, a collective of poems about a particularly dark time in his life which was fraught with emotionally confusing experiences. It is a very thought provoking assortment of words which is sure to take you on a journey and I encourage you to pick yourself up a copy. His domain name is:


My interview with John Odermatt on “Felony Friday”

I’m breaking format today to give you some background on myself.  As I mention in the outro, I find myself putting my guests in some emotionally compromising positions when I ask them questions about childhood, death, and their personal stories that inform their artistic creations, therefore I felt that it’s only fair that I expose a little bit of myself and make myself vulnerable to you, the audience.

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#3 – Marvin Werth

Give a warm “howdy” to Marvin Werth, a genuine story teller and guitarist from the Twin Cities Area. I found a lot of common ground with Marvin, as parts of his story seem so familiar, yet I am constantly surprised when doing these interviews the depth of experience any single person has and the wisdom that their tales impart. I sure do hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording this interview. As mentioned in the interview, Marvin has desires to work with musicians in the area and is working on new material to produce and preform. You can reach out to Marvin via e-mail: werth800@gmail.com

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#2 – JD Sidebottom (Formerly of “The Enigmaknots”)

Today, I introduce you to JD Sidebottom.  He’s a good friend of mine who was in a band called the Enigmaknots and is just a swell guy.  I had a lot of fun recording this interview with him, and I hope you do as well.

Where you can find JD: facebook Where you can keep up with the Enigmaknots: facebook and twitter

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#1 – BAARD

I would like to introduce you to BAARD. Without stealing too many of his own words, he is a St Paul native and a quite talented producer, if I do say so myself. I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with him about growing up, what informs his artistic inclinations, and what this whole life thing is all about. I can think of no better interviewee to launch my project, and I sure do hope you enjoy our conversation. Let me also mention that he has given this program it’s whimsical and brilliant theme music.  Big ups, Mike!

Where Can find BAARD?


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