#14 – Todd Partridge (King of the Tramps)

Allow me to pose a question for you:

How joyful do you think someone is who sings the blues?  Well, I can tell you with certainty that our guest, Todd Partridge, sings the blues yet emanates mirth and curiosity which is clearly borne out in his music.  Even though the genre in its purest form is outwardly woeful and bleak on the surface, evoking the deep and familiar emotion of despair we often run from.  However, Todd and King of the Tramps has managed to take the curious arrangements of these tones of which we are so familiar, having the ability to use their charm to transform them into something that skirts along the edge of blues, yet compels one feel a sense of inspiration.

You can find King of the Tramps at kingofthetramps.com

This week’s charity project will be revisited from one a few episodes ago which hasn’t yet completed it’s funding goal.  It goes to fund a fence, which will soon house 100 orphans, but securing the perimeter is the first step.  I urge you to help me fund this project, at donorsee.com/project/595