I owe tribute to people who have made this possible.

First, Landon Dietrich who provided the cover photo for my web presence.  Landon is a very talented photographer who isn’t shy about playing with the traditional the elements to create an unorthodox final product. Please do me a favor, check out some of his work and follow his page on Facebook

Next, big ups to BAARD.  He was the first guest I interviewed and he produced the theme music for this podcast.  He’s a unique individual and a talented producer.  Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with him, ’cause this guy is going places and I would hate for you to lose track of him.

I would also like to thank my friend, Shea Stoner who created the podcast logo you see wherever you find Subversion.  Shea has brilliant eye for visual art and I have seen a wide range of mediums in which she excels in. I truly believe she has a gift of transferring an idea into something to tantalize your ocular senses. You can find some more of Shea’s work here