What is it?

This is a Podcast and the mission is to carve out a place in the open source broadcasting world where we can explore our relationship with music as it shapes and informs the many modalities of the human experience. Music identifies and shapes culture, can move us to tears, force us on our feet to dance, captures people’s attention to tell a story, embellish moments in theater. Music is a universal language, where we paint with the dimension of time as the medium, breaching the boundaries which language naturally sets. Music gives us hope, helps us get through hardships and triumphs from the mundane things such as chores around the house or moments of reflection during major events in our lives. We will also draw upon common themes of childhood, musings on life and death, or simply anything else relevant to the guest. Step out of your comfort zone shaped by the common broadcast format, subvert your expectations, and prepare to ride the wave of this movement for years to come.