Who is behind it?

Given my affinity for the melodramatic, I interpret the human experience as many lone spectators in an interactive, cosmic opera. The notes in the score beneath the surface can be as contrived as a literal musical composition or as organic as the warble of birds intersecting with the humming of insects at dawn. Of course, this is a multi-dimensional symphony, no one person has a divine view of what and why it is, one can only relay what we find to be objective as true. Yet, our ocular interpretations ought to be in deference to the phenomena of qualia. Which is to say, “humble yourself on the thought that perhaps what I see as fuchsia may be very well be what you parse as turquoise.” No one person is the oracle of reality, only a conduit of their own truth.

None of that tells you anything about myself though, I apologize.  My name is Trey, and I am your host. I am of no qualification to do what I’m doing, but being afforded the means via technology, I’m just dangerous enough to start an RSS feed and hopefully bring you an hour of entertainment every single week. By day, I work a rather uninteresting job, but I long for contributing to the world other than my skills I use to make a living.

So here I am, extending my hand to welcome you aboard as we sail uncharted seas in search of peculiarly familiar, yet new land.  I can guarantee you will come to learn something about the artists who will be featured, the process of exactly how the those auditory musings we see as four minute snippets come to be, and my greater hope is that you learn something about yourself in an indirect manner.  This is the start to a new and beautiful friendship and I’m glad to have you along.